Friday, August 22, 2008

The Secret of Ideas!

Ideas are very Tricky things.

Ideas are great, ideas are valuable. I have thousands of ideas each day. What is the idea of an idea. An idea is some unique way of viewing something. You might have a great idea about how to make money. Here you are on the world wide web, reading one of my blogs, and you may well have it in mind to make some money on the web. Then one might wonder if the author of this blog has some sort of secret on how to make money on the web, then how come the author of this blog is not himself doing that thing which produces income.

The answer to that question is quite a slippery slope indeed. The main answer to the question is that there are some very special skills and abilities that I have. However there are other skills and abilities that other people have. I need to find the other people who have the skills and abilities which I lack, and those very same people should be looking to enlist me to accomplish their goals.

This very important secret to obtaining wealth is called collaboration.

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