Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hall Of Shame.US - group at My World Of Work

Hall Of Shame.US - group at My World Of Work: " there are rules, and there are exceptions to the rules. Here is one such company formally nominated to the Hall of Shame.US:

This company simply put profits before people, and when I went out of my way, to request assistance (and it was not even my money, or a cruise that I was going on) all with reasonable requests, the customer service person said that they are not "making any money" on this cruise based on the number of conversations they have notated.

When I was merely being assertive and requesting that the company "compromise on it's policy" the representative simply said, that they can't do this for everyone. Later to someone else they spoken, they even had the nerve to "call me rude" when I was politely yet assertively, requesting to speak to a supervisor. "

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