Saturday, September 17, 2016

What Is DCWatch

What Is DCWatch:

 "The Need for a Good Government Watchdog

ashington, DC, the nation's capital, has a city government that is inefficient, poorly managed, and fiscally irresponsible, and that is characterized by widespread waste, fraud, corruption, and abuse.

The structural problems facing Washington, DC, are not unique. They typify the problems facing the inner cities of many metropolitan areas. These problems include crime, drugs, a deteriorating infrastructure, a failing public school system, poorly maintained and managed public housing, high taxes, and a general breakdown in the delivery of government services. What makes Washington unique is the fact that, even with massive budgets and federal aid, these problems are compounded by large budget deficits and recurring fiscal crises, the mismanagement of programs and departments, and fraud and corruption scandals.

The creation by Congress of the DC Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority (the Control Board) in 1995 began to alleviate some of the city's financial problems."

Excerpt from DC Watch .com linked above by title.

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